Summerhill Homes approaches each project with the desire to build a home that is unique to each client, allowing them to express who they are and how they live. This image of the pineapple found in our logo symbolizes good cheer, human warmth, family affection and the welcoming of guests. We have adopted this symbol to express our desire to build homes for the enjoyment of families and to welcome their friends.

Summerhill Homes is a prestigious builder that provides design, build, site management and renovation services to clients across the Greater Toronto Area.

Our management team has over 25 years of combined experience and has been involved in the construction of over 2000 homes through its award-winning joint partnerships.

Summerhill Homes has developed and maintained relationships with trades and suppliers of the highest standard. Working together we are able to build our clients a home of the utmost quality.


We Build Quality Homes You Can Trust

The Ontario home building industry is respected throughout the country and the world because of its construction innovation, outstanding workmanship and energy efficiency innovation.

Summerhill Homes takes pride in being part of this vibrant industry. We strictly abide by the guidelines and are bound by the Code of Ethics of the following industry programs and associations:

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